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Becky Andricks, the owner of Little Notes Music Class playing a drum for kids and parents for early childhood development

Hi, I’m Becky Andricks, the owner of Little Notes Music Class. In 2007, I took a Music Pups® class with my 6-month-old daughter in Omaha, Nebraska. She loved dancing to the variety of music and would play, on repeat, the CD provided in the class. I loved watching her passion develop!

There’s no better joy than seeing little ones develop in front of my eyes while teaching them about rhythm and beats and having a blast the whole time! The parents have a great time as well! We love to joke, “is the music class for kids or adults?”

We moved to St. Louis in 2009 and searched for a class like the one in Omaha but could not find one with the same quality and style. After a few years of missing our old class, I opened Little Notes Music Class in a suburb of St. Louis, Ellisville, MO, February 1st, 2018.

Becky Andricks of Little Note Music class interacting and using music to help children and parents with early childhood development in the St. Louis area

Meet St. Louis’ Favorite Music Teacher
Becky Andricks

My Passion as a Music Teacher Is Watching Kids Grow & Develop a Lifelong Love of Music

When it comes to childhood development, music helps kids with cognitive development, along with language and sensory development.

Music is a language. Learning music at an early age impacts child development in numerous ways, from equipping young children with skills for school readiness and boosting fine motor skills to literacy and language development.

Parents who expose their children to music at a young age, especially during early childhood development, help their little ones learn sounds and words. We integrate dancing into our program because dancing helps children build their movement skills while letting them learn self-expression. When kids can express themselves, it boosts their self-confidence. Not only does music help with development, but it also brings us happiness and joy!

Becky Andricks of Little Notes Music class giving a child a high-five after a fun and successful music curriculum
Little Notes Music Classes Becky Andricks  passionately helping a child grow and develop a lifelong love of music in the St. Louis area

I’m a firm believer that my music program sets children up for success, whether they decide to continue with music or pursue sports. Music’s main focus at this age is cognitive development; I always make it fun.

Becky from Little Notes Music Class helping young children develop and grow with parents by immersing them with music in the St. Louis area

Becky has been teaching Little Notes Music Class for 5 years and still going strong!

Beck Andricks teaching a group class of kids and parents at Little Notes Music in class in the St. Louis area

Becky is passionate about music and developing young children to focus and improve their memory. Even though Becky's background includes finance, marketing, learning, and development her main focus is improving a child’s cognitive development while having fun! “There's nothing better than seeing a shy child blossom after a few weeks of classes.”  Immersion is the key in music and once children begin to play the music over and over, they become familiar and we continue to build. 

Helping Young Children Develop and Grow

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