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Little Notes is proud to offer Music Pups®, an early childhood music education program developed by The Music Class ®, that is designed to unleash the music potential of young children. Featuring their award-winning music, engaging activities, CDs and curricula, we are proud of the high standards that they set in the field of early childhood music education.



While we take our goal of educating children very seriously, we know that the key to success lies in one word—fun! Everyone has a great time in class, and children love listening to the CDs over and over again at home. Because we know that it is essential for grownups to enjoy the songs as well, we make sure our music isn’t simplistic or babyish. Parents frequently tell us how much they enjoy the music.

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My name is Becky Andricks and I am the owner of Little Notes Music Class. I first took a class using this curriculum in 2007 in Omaha when our daughter was only 6 months old. She loved dancing to the variety of music and playing the CD over and over at home and in the car!


We moved to St. Louis in 2009 and searched for a class like the one in Omaha but we were unable to find one with the same quality and style. After a few years of debating missing our old class, I opened Little Notes Music Class in Ellisville, MO.


My love is to see the kids singing, and dancing while teaching them about rhythm and beats and having a blast the whole time! The parents have a great time as well! We joke, “ is the music class for kids or adults?” Contact me to sign up for a free trial class with your little one!